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Today we are, by necessity, cooped up in the house. It is absolutely gorgeous here, but our littlest, Bear, has caught a nasty bug and is valiantly trying to fight it. It was a high fever all through the night and into the morning accompanied by what sounds like the beginnings of bronchitis. Therefore, all the outdoor play we had planned for today has been put on hold.

Josh and Anna may end up heading outside after lunch, but Bear and I are having to make do with our open windows that bring the breezes and sweet scents indoors.


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*Day 4*

Each of the three kiddos got a watering can of their own. Such excitement. We are now armed and ready for some serious beautification.

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*Day 3*

Nothing says Spring quite like a bright, red Radio Flyer wagon.

…and a pair of bright, orange Crocs.

*Note to fashionistas: I KNOW they’re ugly. I like them anyway. And to my credit, I have NEVER worn Uggs. Ever.

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