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Maybe it was the fact that I spent all weekend cleaning, sorting, and cleaning some more.  Maybe it was the knowledge that our neighbors are moving and are having a garage sale this coming weekend.  Or maybe it is what happens naturally when there is an unexpected chunk of time when the only two choices are: 1) watching reruns of Laverne and Shirley, or 2) cleaning out yet another closet.

Lately, weeding out undesirable belongings has won out over L&S.  Hands down.  I know.  Simply amazing, huh?

However, with all this cleaning out, throwing away, giving away, and selling, comes an empty feeling that simply must be filled.

I’m not talking about more stuff, per se.  I’m more thinking about how to make a newly cleaned space feel beautiful again without going out and spending the whole wad and starting that deadly accumulation all over again.

I believe it can be done.  I’m just not always sure how.

That’s where pictures come in.  I love looking for inspiration in pictures.  Whether it be an interesting color or a new arrangement of furniture,  it helps me see my current belongings in a whole new light.

With Mother’s Day coming up, I am looking for inexpensive ideas to dress a semi-alfresco table.  My porch is going to undergo the same clean-up as the rest of the house has, and I want some ideas in place to re-beautify once it is decluttered and ready.

I found the picture below, here.

Don’t you just love it?  They simply pulled some potted plants from the rest of their garden, and, artfully arranged, they work so nicely.

And then there’s this idea.

Isn’t it great?  Perfect for any yard and any budget.  Use different colors, more or less of anything and you have yourself a perfect Mother’s Day space.  Can’t get over the sawhorses.

I don’t have the super wonderful, fancy table and chairs of the first picture, but I do have my plain, white everything that will work I am sure.

So, here’s the deal.  I’m going to go clean, scrounge around, and decorate my “new” screened porch.  When I get it done, I’ll post an inspiration picture of my own so you can tell me how well I did.

Off I go to work a little miracle.  Have an inspired Wednesday.


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