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It Begins

I have spent the last few posts musing about the lovely and the not-so-lovely aspects of Spring. Today was  just so very lovely that I find no words at my disposal to properly describe it.

That’s when I thought, Why not provide a bit of an online picture party celebrating the little joys of this new season?

So, in the spirit and essence of Spring, I will be posting little, short posts and a bit of a daily diary of pictures. Images that mean spring to us here in the Schrock household. The posts may end up being shorter, but they will be much, much brighter. *grin*

Day Number One: My kiddos were outside playing and came in with a very special gift for me.

*Just a note: I have not in the past, nor will I ever be angry at a child for picking my flowers. I am of the opinion that they should be picked. Especially if they are picking them to give to another human being.

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