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New Banner

I guess I just needed a change.  I know it may look a bit goofy, but I’m in the creative process to develop a banner I really like.  In the meantime, I thought, Why not?

They are my dear dad’s little feet when he was around 3 yrs. old.

The full picture below:

Isn’t this such a great picture?


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Little Women

I’m sitting here watching the most recent movie adaptation of one of the most endearing works by Louisa May Alcott. To say I love this story would be an understatement. I read the book many times before ever seeing any movie depicting the storyline and I’m glad. I think I like the newest version with Susan Sarandon, Claire Danes, and Wynona Ryder the best of any rendering to date. I just think those three women were so perfect for the roles.

Earlier, during the ‘Beth Death Scene’, I looked over at my dear hubby and I saw a tear running down his cheek. I asked him if his allergies were acting up or if he was crying. He simply replied, “Yes.”

Fabulous man. He loves his action movies, but he “indulges” me and my chick flicks. Mmmmhmmm. Sure.

The most likeable facet of this particular movie is it’s sensitive and tactile cinematography. It’s so real, but still so beautiful. Meg’s wedding scene was a wonderful example of a simple wedding at it’s best. Proof that weddings need not be expensive to be fabulous.

Speaking of weddings, in our little country church there are going to be three this summer. One in June, one in July, and one in August.

The wedding coming up in June is my friend Rachel’s wedding. She let me see her dress at her bridal shower and it is sooooo beautiful. It is a golden ivory satin and so perfect for her. I have the distinct privilege of making her veil. I’m in the process right now of finding the right shade of ivory illusion and it is really, really hard. I’m not sure I have the right color yet. It seems a bit too yellow, I think, but I’ll see when I take it to her house to put it next to the dress. I used to make wedding veils as a business, so it will be fun to see the wonderful reward of seeing a work of yours walking down the aisle on the head of a beautiful bride. I’ll try to post a picture of it when it’s finished. It’s going to be fingertip length with a hand-sewn bias satin edge. Can’t wait.

The wedding in July is going to be outside and so the black, formal dress I’m wearing to the June wedding won’t be appropriate. I have looked and looked and looked for a dress and have not been able to find anything at all. I decided to make my dress and found two patterns on a vintage pattern site.

I’m going to go with View A for the blouse. The other ones are a little crazy for me. I suppose the pattern IS from 1954, so I can’t be surprised.

And now I need to choose the fabric for it and I simply can’t decide. Here are the current choices:

Choices from the left: seafoam green linen, navy blue linen, green silk, green flowered linen, and black checked linen.

If you would care to post a vote in the comments I would appreciate it. I feel stuck. Any other ideas would be welcome if you have them.

As soon as my muslin mock-up is done I’ll get a picture up. It should be interesting. Vintage patterns are very different than modern patterns due to the changes in undergarments used under the finished garment. And, personally, I think I’m gonna stay away from the girdle idea. I’m just sayin’.

Usually, I find I need to adjust the bustline and the hip to waist ratio. So, tomorrow will be a cut and slash pattern alteration day and then…I get to start cutting!

I’ll keep you updated on the project, but for now I’m signing off to go get a little sleep. See you in the morning!

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Blast from the Past…

Not that far in the past. Just as far back as November.

Today I was swiftly coasting through my considerable stash of digital picture files when I came across a file of pictures from this past Thanksgiving. I know I’ve been obsessed with spring lately (for good reason), but these pictures just felt so great to look at I can’t help but post them. They made me see my kids as they were only a few, short months ago. How swiftly they change and grow. And how swiftly we forget little moments.

These particular pictures are from our little excursion to Galveston. Our Thanksgiving celebration was in Houston with my Dad’s family, but we had plenty of time that week to take side trips and this was one of them. It was a bit chilly, but the kids had never, ever been to a beach. They collected enough sea shells to fill a canning jar, although originally I think we collected them in an empty cracker box. Bear didn’t want to leave. He’s all about dirt, dirt, dirt and goodness knows there was plenty of THAT within reach.

Ah, the sand. The lovely sand.

Our Joshua couldn’t resist that huge expanse of untouched sand to write his name in large letters…

…and a bit of a love note to me.

Good-bye, then, lovely beach, until another time.

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Today we are, by necessity, cooped up in the house. It is absolutely gorgeous here, but our littlest, Bear, has caught a nasty bug and is valiantly trying to fight it. It was a high fever all through the night and into the morning accompanied by what sounds like the beginnings of bronchitis. Therefore, all the outdoor play we had planned for today has been put on hold.

Josh and Anna may end up heading outside after lunch, but Bear and I are having to make do with our open windows that bring the breezes and sweet scents indoors.

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I wanted to draw your attention to my updated blogroll. I am always on the lookout for wonderful sites and blogs. I ran into a few more that are absolutely wonderful. Full of beauty, creativity, and all things crafty, they excite those sensibilities that are drawn toward the exquisite.

My personal recommendation? Start with Today’s Creative Blog. She has a blogroll that will keep you up nights. I’m warning you. And then as a great follow-up try Heather Bailey.  Her site brings to mind large, yummy scoops of orange sherbet.  Nothing better than that.


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*Day 5*

Monday night, on my way home from a Bible study I decided to pick up a fresh bucket of sidewalk chalk. We go through chalk like crazy in the spring and summer. Our very, very long driveway calls out to my three little artists and they answer with some very poignant artwork.

I was pretty busy yesterday and they were content doing whatever it was they were doing, so I left them to it for the better part of the afternoon. After awhile, they called to me, told me to close my eyes and led me by the hand (it felt very precarious so I mentally entrusted my life to the powerful oversight of the Lord) out to the driveway.

This is what I saw:

If you can’t tell, it says, “Walkom home Daddy”. They strategically placed it so he would see it as he drove up to park.

Our little girl made another wonderful welcome sign:

Let’s just say if she didn’t have him wrapped around her finger before, he is now.

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*Day 4*

Each of the three kiddos got a watering can of their own. Such excitement. We are now armed and ready for some serious beautification.

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